You will need
  • - programming environment;
  • - reference materials.
First select the language of programming, which you will study. Approach very responsibly, on the basis of the tasks that you wish to solve. For example, if you want in the shortest possible time to master the language and learn to write simple apps, then the best choice would be Delphi. It is quite common, for it is the environment of programming Borland Delphi. The commands in this language is simple and intuitive.
In Delphi you can write different programs, but most of the serious software is written in other languagex in particular, C++. It should be noted that this language is very fond of hackers, because it can be used to create a very small program size to a few kilobytes. C++ is universal, it is possible to write almost any application. To work with it, there are two main development environments: Borland C++ Builder and Microsoft Visual Studio. Latest environment allows you to work with languagemi C, C#, VB.
The language of programming selected. Now try it with one of the above-mentioned programming environments. This is a special program in which you generate code your applications. It should be noted that products from Borland to master is much easier than Visual Studio from Microsoft. At the same time, Visual Studio is a more flexible program that allows you to program in different languageX.
No matter what environment programming you choose, the further stage of the study language is the same. First of all, you will need various reference books and books on the chosen language, describing its syntax and rules of programming. But do not just go into the literature to learn the language much easier with specific examples.
Find online step-by-step description of creating simple programs in the language you selected. It can be text editors, media players, conductors, etc. Repeating step by step the process of creating a program, you will know more about the capabilities of the software environment and the rules of writing and compiling programs.
Be sure to teach yourself the correct style of programming. By creating a program first on a piece of paper carefully work through an algorithm of its work. The more accurate the algorithm, the easier it will be to translate it to the language code. While writing code don't be lazy to insert comments, without them you after a couple of months will be hard to understand in the source application. What now seems simple and clear, will eventually become completely incomprehensible. Comments help you to understand the code in your program.
One of the errors novice programmers is rote learning of some programming constructs without understanding their essence. If you do not understand something, to understand, looking for answers. Uncertainties tend to accumulate: the more you have, the harder it is to program. Few know that "here this one like this" - you have to understand why used this code and how it works. You will have the right to say that you know how to program when I can, taking a pen and a sheet of paper, without recourse to reference books to translate some algorithm into code.