You will need
  • - Internet;
  • literature;
  • - notebook;
  • - handle.
The intended target. Think carefully before you start to study programming, do You really need it. For effective learning it is necessary to define the goal You want to achieve, mastering programming, for example, to change jobs, to implement the project, etc., Use simple and effective technique of evaluating the objectives, so-called SMART used in management. The availability of good targets will be a source of motivation for You throughout training and will not waste any time.
Consult. In the field of computer systems is constantly changing, technologies are updated. Ask advice from experienced and accomplished programmers about the latest trends and most sought-after languages. Their advice could be crucial, especially if You haven't decided what to start learning. In addition, they will tell you what material on the subject would be most useful to You.
Develop a program. Think carefully about and make a plan for self-study. Include in your daily schedule, learning a new programming language and make him a reasonable amount of time. Acquire the necessary technical and reference literature (books, textbooks). Join any community on the topic (e.g., forums, portal, distribution group), study news, articles to fully immerse yourself in the subject of study.
Practice. Do not do a simple study of the theory. To new knowledge is well established, you need to constantly practice. Start with writing simple programs that perform elementary functions and solve simple problems, complete tasks from the textbook. Try to understand the purpose of each operator or function of the language and master their application. The difficulty of the generated programs will invisibly increase by itself.
Persevere. Relentlessly follow the goal in accordance with the developed program. Maintain required level of motivation (internal desire to act). Do not succumb to laziness and desire to quit. Try to provide comfortable conditions for the development of new material and to exercise every day.