One of the most popular types of socially useful work is charity. It includes assistance to the needy and socially unprotected groups of the population: the disabled, the elderly, the homeless. In short, all those who for some reason was in a difficult situation.
Volunteers wishing to take active part in such assistance should contact the nearest charitable organization or departments of social assistance. Can inquire in the nearest Church – the priest probably knows who of his congregation in particular need of support.
You can also take the initiative to literally live in an apartment building probably live lonely pensioners, disabled people or single mothers, who have every ruble counts. Provide them all possible assistance. It does not necessarily have to be monetary donation – you can, for example, from time to time to go to the grocery store or the pharmacy for drugs.
A lot of people wish to participate in the improvement of his native city. They should contact the relevant agencies of the local municipality, for example, those who are responsible for the cleaning of territories, landscaping. The work is certainly there. In addition, it is possible, for example, on its own initiative to break a flower bed under the Windows of the house, to plant flowers.
There are people who are very loving animals who want to help street dogs and cats. If you belong to this category, contact with local organizations of animal rights activists with the owners or animal shelters. Well, if you live in a large city where there is a zoo, check with the administration if assistants care for the animals. Typically, these offers of help are welcomed with gratitude.
We should not forget about the education of the younger generation. If the enthusiastic volunteer can, for example, to teach in any school clubs or the centre of culture and creativity, it will bring this great benefit. In short, socially useful work for the concerned people, there are many, for every taste and possibilities. It would wish.