You will need
  • - a few cups;
  • - warm water;
  • - Hairdryer or fan;
  • - Terry cloth;
  • - baking soda or salt.
Before defrosting the fridge, you need to completely release it from food. Vegetables, fruits and canned goods in original packaging acceptable to temporarily leave the kitchen. Dairy and meat products store in a cool place. To use as a makeshift glacier, you can use large pieces of frozen meat. Wrap it in several plastic layers and put together with perishable products. So you will provide low temperature storage for their inventory.
When you have emptied the refrigerator, disconnect it from the power supply. Open the doors of refrigerators and freezers in order that warm air has penetrated into the device. Put on the bottom shelves of both branches of the tank for collecting melt water. On the floor in front of the fridge is to lay the fabric that will absorb moisture generated during the defrosting.
Full defrosting of the refrigerator takes approximately 5-6 hours. In order to greatly speed up this process, fill some cups with warm water and put them in the fridge. Water should not be too hot, because high temperatures can easily bring the device down.
To quickly remove ice from the side walls of the refrigerator using the warmer with warm water. Carefully lean it against ice buildup, wait for them to thaw and remove otvalilsya pieces of ice. The use of warm water will speed up the process of defrosting and the fridge will be ready to use in 2 hours.
Even less time to defrost will disappear, if you use a regular hair dryer or a fan. Direct a jet of warm air to the icy crust and warm it up as long as she's not behind the walls of the device. Pieces of ice and excess moisture, remove with a cloth.
After defrosting the fridge thoroughly wipe both chambers with warm water. Strong pollution clean baking soda or salt, these substances are also good disinfectants. Then wipe the walls of the device. Put the products in place and reconnect the refrigerator to the mains.