The interior design depends primarily on the purpose of the room area of the house and layout. If the apartment consists of several rooms, each of them has the opportunity to get more free space. In this case, you can arrange the furniture along the walls, freeing the middle of the room.
When the dwelling consists of only one room, furniture is better to place more than one zone, separate the room into parts. A TV with a sofa, for example, can be put in one end. And the back of the sofa should be rotated to the rest room to create the illusion of privacy. And a table with chairs or chair with a Cabinet in another part. As delimiter you can also use a Cabinet or bookshelf.
Choosing furniture to separate the room into zones, make sure it was versatile. The sofa and chairs it is better to put a folding and table – sliding. Because of this you will always be able to receive guests or to expand the space.
In the arrangement of interior items take into account the location of the window. It is necessary to put the sofas, chairs or tables. Then there are those things that rest which requires more light. After a day reading on the couch in bright sunlight is always better than in the corner at a burning lamp. But a wardrobe or a TV it is possible to position away from the window.
Remember, the main rule in the arrangement of furniture is that it does not interfere with normal life. Not worth it, for example, put a coffee table in the middle of the room if you have all the time to work around it, or often abusive. Better then to remove it at all or to adapt to another place.
Not to drag the furniture from place to place throughout the house, pre-draw a plan of its location. Estimate the size and outline schematically, where to stand this or that subject. Perhaps seeing their approximate location, you will be able to anticipate some flaws.