You will need
  • An empty room dishes, tape measure, paper, pencil
Make a plan of the kitchen. Measure the length and width of the room. Mark on the sheet of paper exits pipes for hot and cold water, sewer pipe, gas pipe. Measure the window and door, label them on the plan.
Now you can consider the kitchen furniture. The minimum items of furniture virtually the same for any kitchen: fridge, sink, work surface Cabinet, stove. For storing dishes, utensils, groceries, appliances used, floor and wall cupboards.
If space allows, between the refrigerator and the sink it is advisable to have another work surface preparation products. Optimal work surface height - 85cm.
In the cupboard under the sink is a bucket for waste and a place for household chemicals. Wall Cabinet located over the sink, used for draining dishes. Over the stove must have a hood.
Wall Cabinet above the Desk is used for fine tableware and groceries. The top shelf on the wall Cabinet must be located no more than 190cm. The distance between the bottom surface of the wall shelves and the work surface should be no more than 55cm.
In the outdoor Cabinet will be placed the heavy appliances and kitchenware.
If all the kitchen equipment (fridge, Desk, sink, stove) are placed on one wall, the opposite wall you can set a dining table. If kitchen equipment is located along two opposite walls, the dining furniture is better to place the window.
Making all items on your plan, you can go buy furniture.