To activate the "credibility" you can contact the nearest office of the cellular operator "MegaFon". If you currently have a number of your personal account (or SIM card) and a document proving your identity (passport, driving licence).
Before determining the loan amount, the operator will look at your monthly spending on communication services in the network "Megaphone". Also the amount of the loan will affect the period of use of data communication services. Thus, the more money you spend, the higher the credibility. In that case, if you are a user of communication services "the Megaphone" at least 120 days, this service is available to you.
You can also use the service "Promised payment". In this case, the operator gives the opportunity to increase the amount of the balance from 10 to 300 rubles. The period of provision of services – 5 days. To activate the payment, use the USSD command, for this dial from your mobile*105*6* the amount of the promised payment#, press the call key.
Activate "Promised payment" you can use SMS messages to send a text containing the amount of payment for a short number 0006. You will receive service message about the result of the operation.
Remember that if your balance went negative, you can connect a "Promised payment" is possible only through USSD-command. The service is offered to those subscribers who use more than 30 days. Service is paid, its amount depends on the amount of the promised payment.
Also you can take care of your balance in advance, that is, to freeze a certain amount of money. To do this from your phone, dial *138#; then specify the amount that must be reserved. It will be deducted from your account, but once the balance will go to minus – the amount credited to the personal account.