You will need
    • Flour
    • Water
    • Vegetable oil
    • Salt
    • Sugar
    • Vodka
Knead the dough in different ways. With a spoon, blender, food processor, hands – all good options. The best dough is the result of manual work. Classic fresh dough consists of only two ingredients, water and flour. The cooler the dough, the more effort will have to make to his kneading. But the more uniform and more elastic it will be. Pasties from such dough will be light and airy, and frying them in hot oil will produce a browned bubbly crust.
But not all able to knead manually dough, so for those same pasties can be cooked and softer version. However, for this you will need to enter in a recipe additional products.
Take 4 cups of flour and sift into a large bowl with high sides. In a separate container, mix 300 ml of water with a half teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon sugar, 8 tablespoons of vegetable oil, add to the mixture 1 tsp of vodka, stir well. Pour the emulsion into the flour, mix all the ingredients. You can, of course, attempt to immediately make a dough, and you can cover and refrigerate the way it is. Do not confuse layers and flour blotches. The important thing is that the flour came in contact with the liquid.
Within an hour, while the dough rests, the gluten swells, knead this dough all the time stanet much easier. But if this dough will seem too steep, then you will have to resort to custard method.
Take products in the same proportions as for the recipe above, but the water pre-boil and hot mix emulsion with half the required amount of flour. In order to avoid burn need to interfere with a spoon or with a mixer. And when the dough has cooled, it can enter the remaining flour and domesitc his hands. This dough will be soft and very elastic.
Whichever of the versions you chose to cook delicious pasties you will need another juicy filling, deep fryer and hot oil. Affected guests will ask about the secret of your delicious pasties. Tell them how to properly knead the dough.