Barbecues outdoors is a great opportunity to enjoy the fresh air with the whole family, with friends, to celebrate a birthday or any other significant event. More and more companies, arranging corporate events, try to involve your employees in the forest and on glades where you can actively spend a couple of hours, after which will be followed by roasting meat over an open fire. Places for this kind of entertainment much, one only has to think in advance the route, taking into account all the pros and cons.The forest within the city. This option is ideal for those who do not have the opportunity to go to the barbecue . Any point in the city accessible to public transport users or taxi. It is important to note that making a fire is allowed not everywhere, for this there are specially designated areas. While alcohol consumption generally is equal to administrative law. The forest outside the city. These places will delight its visitors a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, fresh air and privacy. It is worth noting that a fire will have on their own, without the help of the already arranged hearths (unless you fall for mastered). Minus forests is high humidity, which attracts mosquitoes and other insects, especially in the evening. Clearings and meadows. The bright and airy space will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. It is possible to triple game of racquetball, ball or volleyball. Minus - the inability to look for firewood. Shore of the reservoir. Tranquil views combined with the opportunity to cool off in the cool water is what attracts residents to such places. Relaxation areas. Specially constructed zones are located outside the city. Usually they are near parks or reserves, and pose a gazebo, barbecue facilities and a dumpster for disposal. Offers for citizens of places like those who are not eager to engage in the placement of hearths and sit on the ground. Cottage. Private country Lodge is the ideal place for meeting friends or relaxing with family, enjoying a barbecue convenient and not troublesome. All utensils, fixtures, and warm clothes in case the evening chill - it will all be at your fingertips.Wherever you decided to make the kebabs, always remember that after you must remain perfectly clean. Clean garbage, extinguish the fire and bury the embers with earth.