To rent a house in Croatia, decide what this country will go. The Adriatic coast is the most popular among tourists. Trogir is famous for its architectural monuments, Zagreb is considered the historical center of the country. Or remove the apartment in the resort of Brela or Makarska Riviera.
Croatia attracts less tourists than Italy or Spain. Therefore, even in the peak season to find suitable accommodation will be easy. Remove the apartmentsand you will get a huge advantage on the rest – you will live with themselves and still have a lot of room. But if you want to stay closer to the sea, pre-book the property. Such proposals are few, and they are all in constant demand.
Examine the pricing policy of the leased property in Croatia. To stay in season (July, August) expect to pay from 23 to 50 euros per person. Apartments with minimum facilities will cost 15-30 euros per person.
Locate online ads of owners of apartments in Croatia. Decide on the size of the property. This can be a Studio or from one to four bedrooms. The smallest variants have a 25 square metres (the size of a standard hotel room) and include room, bathroom and kitchenette. Such housing is often rented for business travel. Maximum size of apartments in Croatia comes to 150-200 sq. m.
If found a site with a good offering for rent, examine the possible tourist accommodation in the house. It is prescribed thus: A2, A2+1, A2+2. The first digit indicates the minimum and the second maximum number of people that can live in these apartments.
Find out from the tenant the location of the property: how it is distant from the sea, what is the level of infrastructure development (market, shops, cafes, restaurants, ATMs, etc.), type of building (old building or new building), what the terrain is.
Ask what is facilities: air conditioning, balcony or terrace, satellite TV, Internet. Also ask if the apartment has stardom.
Ask the tenant about whether the discount for early booking. If the answer is Yes be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.