Most often dolphins make sounds similar to a squeak or a whistle. Using whistling animals communicate with each other, beckon the young and accompany their games. Whistles can be short and last a few seconds. The frequency of such sounds may also change. For example, if a Dolphin is in danger, he lets out a long and loud whistle.
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One of the most interesting sounds made by dolphins, is the so-called cod. The animal can portray clicks, a sound like a knock. If the frequency of clicks increases, we get an unusual crash. Scientists say that knock and crack the dolphins most often during games or eating.
Как думают животные
The most unusual sound emitted by the Dolphin is a cry, resembling the roar or high-pitched whine. Screaming animals are very rare and they do it mainly in the event of serious danger.
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Scientists for many decades studying the dolphins. It is proved, for example, that dolphins can copy other people's sounds. So, if the animal for some time he heard a woman's laughter, then it is not difficult to repeat it. In the same way a Dolphin can even copy the sound of a speeding motorcycle and noise at the stadium.
как общаются животные
Researchers are trying to learn the language of dolphins, making special dictionaries, recording their votes. Thanks to a special observation, it was proven that dolphins of different species have their own sets of tunes.
It is noteworthy that the sounds dolphins emit no mouth, as it may seem at first glance. They do this in the back of his head, where a blowhole. Dolphins are very sociable and friendly, they are happy to reproduce virtually any sound, at the command of their coaches or trainers.