You will need
  • Dictionaries, books, Newspapers in the Chinese language, online programs for learning Chinese language.
Learn the system of romanization of Chinese language (Pinyin). She explains the correct pronunciation.
Pay attention to tone. Chinese language has a few synonyms, but he has a lot of homonyms.
Learn characters using the Pinyin system with the correct formulation of colors.
Be sure to read out loud.
Find partner for languagein the city in order to share experience.
If your city is not there such a person, use the Internet, and communicate online with people who speak a Chinese languageom.
Watch TV, listen to the radio on the Chinese languageE.
Spend a lot of time writing. Write each character at least 10 times a day until you remember it.
Learn the meaning of radicals. This will give you the opportunity to see the connection existing between similar categories of words.
Be sure to purchase a dictionary. Locate programs on the Internet for students of the Chinese language, they are quite effective.
If you are still without Tutors and courses on learning Chinese, and have already achieved some results, for the recesses and hone your knowledge, use their services at least short-term.The study of the Chinese languageand can make life easier for those who often travels to China. Indeed, in this case not need an interpreter. Learn Chinese language – is not easy, but if a strong desire, certainly will succeed.