In order to participate in the competition, and to succeed , you should clearly understand all the procedure of its conducting, and also know the basic requirements that normally apply to the application.
The first and foremost requirement for all bidders is full compliance with all the items prescribed in the tender documentation. So, for most standard queries are usually related to the quality and speed of work, specifications, and safety requirements. Of course, one of the most important points is the price of the project, which should not exceed the initial contract price designated by the client. Before sending the documents, carefully check their compliance with these requirements, including the provisions of the legislation.
Sometimes the organizers of the tender do not specify the amount of the contract. In this case, you will need themselves to draw up a detailed estimate for all of the work. Here you should include all the costs and the amount of required materials, and cost. It is important to correctly estimate, as the organizers have to compare the proposed fees and scope of work and make the decision on the choice of the contractor.
If the tender carries a large company, the contest may extend over several stages. So, in the first round is the screening of unsuitable projects. Next, for the selected participants a second intramural round. Here an important role can play your eloquence and powers of persuasion, because you will need to present one of their projects. Of the works presented, the organizers will choose the best, in their opinion.
Main Board – participate to tenders. Participation in them, despite the loss, will give you invaluable experience. From contest to contest, you will be able to more competently the application, duly justify the price and your perseverance will sooner or later bear fruit and you will win the tender.