To make a Schengen visa, you need to start to collect a list of documents. Prepare a passport (must be valid for at least three months before the end of the trip). Also prepare old a passport is Better if it will be visa. Need 3 matte colored photos 3,5x4,5 cm, and reference from the place of work on the organization's letterhead containing the signature and seal of the chief. This note must indicate what position you hold, what is your salary and length of service, address, and telephone number of the organization. Also don't forget to make a copy and original of the work book or certificate of registration of the private entrepreneur or company. Can not do without the financial guarantee of the trip - at least 50 euros per day. This guarantee can be a credit card or Bank statement. You will need a photocopy of all pages of ordinary passports and papers, which it will be seen that you are tied to Russia: certificate of title deed, marriage certificate, birth of children, etc.
How to get Schengen <strong>visa</strong> independently
When these documents are ready, you need to book a hotel or receive an invitation from a host. Such confirmation (hotel reservation or invitation) will also need to obtain a Schengen visa. Reserve and tickets there and back: they, too, will need to provide.
How to get Schengen <strong>visa</strong> independently
Arrange medical insurance for the duration of the stay in the Schengen countries. It should be no deductible and the amount of the award is not less than 30 000 euros. You can now download on the website of the Embassy or Consulate of the desired country a special form and fill it out in English or the language of the country where you get a visa.
How to get Schengen <strong>visa</strong> independently
Then make an appointment at the appropriate Embassy, Consulate or visa application centre. If no prior appointment, you can come alone and stand in line. It is necessary to have all the necessary documents, photos, application form and policy. When you pass all this, you will be asked to pay
the visa fee, and sometimes a service fee. It now remains to wait, whether will give you the visa. Usually when a condition is not a problem.
How to get Schengen <strong>visa</strong> independently