You will need
  • skills PC user
Start in any search engine query: "Widgets". It can be search engines Yandex, Google, Bing. Select the widget of your choice and download it. For example, like this:
Downloading and installing the widget, you will get not just a beautiful watch, and with a surprise. As you approach the New year they will change. On 1 December, the clock will go countdown, two weeks before the festival they also get spruced up, and a week in General will turn into a Christmas toy.
As <b>headband</b> put <strong>watches</strong>
Go to this website: There is a huge selection of different kinds of clocks for your desktop as a screensaver. Calendar, support alarm clock, custom time format for the taskbar can be changed to your liking. Just click on the line "download".
Chronograph Atomic Time Clock v6.62. Another link to watch-chronograph. The computer clock is not always accurate. And it is sometimes, for example, for traders, is of great importance. Chronograph, periodically connecting to the server, automatically maintains the correct time.
5 A set of 20 different options that you can change depending on mood. Click on the blue link and download 53.49 us MB. Unpack the archive to any folder prepared. Double-click on the picture, the watch appears on the screen. Copy any file and place it in the folder Sistem32 entered previously in My computer, then drive C and WINDOWS.
As <b>headband</b> put <strong>watches</strong>
To set the clockon an empty desktop, right-click and select the Properties line. This opens the customize desktop. Click on the tab "screen Saver", and in the list of options choose your own hours. Click OK.