A favorite place for the New yearand behold theyearit is European city. You can go to fabulous Venice, Paris or Rome. Holiday atmosphere created by the good hospitable people, will allow to feel the spirit of winter Wonderland and the magic of the occasion. You can enjoy magnificent landscapes, to taste the masterpieces of European cuisine and to celebrate the holiday luxuriously and tastefully. Going to London, you will visit the Grand parade of actors. And make youyearNY shopping. At this time in London (as well as in many other European cities) held sales. An unforgettable experience-holidays in Lapland – the homeland of Santa Claus. Visit the village Igloo Village, have a delicious lunch in a restaurant made of snow. Visit the ice chapel and enjoy the view unusual ice sculptures which create an atmosphere of fairy tales and magic. You can ride a snowmobile, go ice fishing, Safari in the reindeer. Take a trip to Santa Claus village, a visit to his residence and workshop of a dwarf-Smith. You will discover some amazing discoveries. Fans of extreme sports can go to the ski resorts of Austria or Switzerland. After an active day you can take a romantic sleigh ride, and in the end to spend a wonderful evening by the fireplace in some cozy mountain Chalet for a delicious dinner. Your attention is invited to a specially prepared festive program of national songs and dances. To enjoy the atmosphere of winter magic, not necessarily to go outside of Russia. Ski resorts and sports centers in the Urals and Khibiny can be the perfect place for the New year. Romance can go to Moscow or St.-Petersburg, Kazan or Volga city, to enjoy the fantastic views and to participate in various winter entertainments for kids and adults. A trip to Velikiy Ustyug on a visit to Santa Claus can be a great gift for your children.