Ring in the New year in a warm country. Imagine how unusual it is to hear the chiming clock, lying on the beach in a swimsuit with a glass of champagne in hand. And then take a dip in the warm sea. No snow and frost, only sun, sand and relaxation. For the rest of the perfect Thailand, Goa, Egypt, the Maldives and other resorts, where year-round sunshine and warm sea. Remember, however, that abrupt climate change can affect health. It will not hurt to consult with your doctor before you fly to a hot country in the middle of winter. Visit Europe if you don't want to drastically change climatic conditions, but a trip on Christmas vacation want unbearable. For example, spend a vacation in the Czech capital, Prague. This fabulous city with buildings that look like gingerbread houses, very suitable for your personal Christmas story. You will walk through the narrow streets, taste traditional national dishes. Prague is perfect for a family holiday, and for girls, whose aim first and foremost is shopping.Take a trip to the homeland of Ded Moroz in Veliky Ustyug. This is one of the most suitable places to go on Christmas holidays. But if you are planning a trip with children, it is really the most ideal option. During the Christmas holidays in Velikiy Ustyug are real folk festivals. The organizers are very responsible approach to this issue. One of the guests leaving unhappy. You can even see the house where Ded Moroz lives. Even adults will be delighted with this journey. Carefully plan your trip. Make her enough money to indulge in fun and pleasure. To make the Christmas holidays memorable for a long time, spend your holidays actively. Walk through the various exhibitions, events in that city, where he decided to rest. Bring your loved ones Souvenirs from the trip. This holiday will be nice to remember when I get home. We taste one thing, plan for the next year another variant of the Christmas holidays to have something to strive for.