Chic New year you can celebrate in Dubai. UAE warm in winter, so spend the holidays lounging on the beaches. Throughout the country in the winter temperatures hover around 20 ° C heat. While this may not be hotter than 30 ° C and 15 ° C colder. Dubai is not only the world center of glamour and luxury, but also a city of entertainment. The combination of good weather and warm sea make the largest city of the Emirates is a great place for the whole family.
Relax during the Christmas holidays in Finland. Real snowy winter, sleigh, Santa Claus – what could be better for children? Perhaps, only the journey to the address where your child is sent a letter about a Christmas present. North country won't disappoint you weather. Here will be cold in winter and snow, in Helsinki, Finland from 1 to 5 ° C below zero, in Kuopio the thermometer can drop to 10 ° C, in Lapland, up to 15 ° of frost.
Celebrate the holidays the guest of a Russian Santa Claus. If you think that spending a winter vacation in the birthplace of Santa Claus unpatriotic, go to Veliky Ustyug. In the center of town post office of Ded Moroz. Here come letters from all over the world, and none of them Santa Claus does not leave without attention. In the mail you can see how Santa Claus and his assistants sorted the letters. Take this opportunity to order greeting loved ones. Winter in Veliky Ustyug frosty average temperature of 10-20oC below zero. Snow cover is established in November and lasts through the winter. Rainfall is rare, the humidity medium, wind South, 3-4 m/s.
Enjoy the holidays actively in the Urals mountains. If you love skiing or snowboarding, then on the middle or the southern Urals you will find some lovely slopes. Near Magnitogorsk is a magnificent resort of Abzakovo in the Sverdlovsk region on a snowboard can ride mountain Volchikha, White or Blackamoor.