You will need
  • - PVA;
  • - colored paper;
  • - scissors;
  • ceramic figurines;
  • - brush;
  • - acrylic paint for painting glass and ceramics;
  • - the bulb;
  • - buttons, beads, beads, ribbon
  • - bright fabric, wool.
Learn basic techniques of quilling. With parts folded from colored paper strips not only can decorate the card or the application, but also to make a bulk box Christmas tree ornament or photo frame. The simplest DIY you can create in just a few minutes, they do not require time for drying.
Purchase in the store for artists ready ceramic figurines. They can be painted with acrylic paints or gouache as you like. Keep in mind that gouache can leave marks on hands and clothes, so it is better to cover the product with a layer of lacquer. To secure the acrylic paint, you can leave the hack in a hot oven for half an hour. The time of manufacture such trinkets, ranging from one to several hours.
Paint with acrylic paints small bottles or jars of baby food. Create a simple geometric pattern will take you no more than one and a half hours, including the time for roasting in the oven.
Use light bulbs to create Christmas crafts. Paint them with nail Polish or acrylic paints. Attach buttons, beads and beads, tie ribbons. Manufacturing simple DIY will take you no more than an hour and will depend primarily on the speed of drying of a varnish or paint.
Make a simple fabric toy. To do this, fold the paper in half, draw half of the toy, e.g. Teddy bear, angels or Bunny. Cut, flatten pattern. Make colour soft fabric 2 equal parts, one to embroider the eyes and mouth.
Stitch details around the perimeter of the looped suture. Try to make the stitches the same size, use colored thick thread or floss. Tamp the toy with a small amount of wool. The creation of such toys will take you no more than an hour, the amount of time will depend on the size of the product and your sewing skills. To speed up the process, you can use a sewing machine in the mode "zigzag".