You will need
  • Paper, scissors, glue, lace, beads, plastic bottles, glass jars, paints, brushes, reeds, wool, clay
Of paper to make a birthday card, a Valentine, origami bouquet of paper flowers, Christmas ornaments. With glue easy to decorate any paper crafts satin ribbons, flower petals, braid, beads, colored sand.
From empty plastic bottles make great cups for stationery. For this, the upper part of the bottle is cut off, the edges of the resulting glass at cut lines are pasted over with duct tape or strip of rubber. Below the glass was more resistant, using silicone adhesive to attach to the base stand of trees.
Of clay (plain or polymer) you can sculpt any figure, plate, Cup. The souvenir is painted with special paints or decorated with shells, beads, hats, acorns and other materials.
Glass jars small size make for great candle holders. This Bank is painted with stained glass paints, glued a bright braid, wrapped with colored thread (you must coat the surface of the banks of glue). When the paint or glue has dried, put inside the jar a small candle, a candlestick with their hands ready. In glass jars are also convenient to store every little thing. Cover the cans with this decorated carved from a dense material figures, funny faces, etc.
Of reeds to weave baskets, mats, vases, decorative plates and even house Slippers. Cane, you can wrap the glass dish that not only gives it an unusual appearance, but also protects against bumps.
Of wool can make shaped image. To do this on a piece of cardboard and draw a silhouette of a figure (Bunny, snowman, Christmas tree, tree, clouds, etc.). Smear glue on the area of the figure and consistently, inch by inch, glue the cotton wool. Of contrasting color materials make the eyes, mouth, nose, twigs, and other details, depending on the features of the painting.