Creating groups on Vkontakte is very interesting, allowing to develop new knowledge and skills. To make a table, use the Wiki-markup, invented specifically for creating tables and other objects in different web applications and different web sites. In accordance with the syntax of the Wiki markup, start of the table in the initial code is denoted by "{ | " , -"|+", move the cursor to another line with "| - "white table cell -" | " blue cell "!", closing the table "|}". Knowing the markup syntax, you can create tables in the group of the Vkontakte social network, but also on any other website, which is created using Wiki engine.
In the General version of the original table code will look like this:{||-| [[photо(number of photos)]] !! the name of the column|-| [[photo(photo number)]] || column name
After completion table creation in the group, create polls, can engage users and send invitations. Currently on the Internet you can find a huge number of special programs in which you press one key to send out invitations to thousands of users of social network Vkontakte. But be careful, because of the immense activity your group can be blocked by the administrator.
Group Vkontakte includes a large number of components and its design must meet certain standards. The most important thing in decorating – create tables that by its appearance would attract new users to the network. Do this with all my heart, and in accordance with generally accepted rules, and then your work is sure to be appreciated its potential members.