When buying tea PU'er pay attention to the smell of pressed tiles. High-quality PU-erh tea has a smell of dried fruit and black earth. If tea is perceptible smell of mold, it is better not buy. In General, mold can appear during the fermentation stage of tea, but in the subsequent processing it has to go. Therefore, the finished tea, PU-erh tea with the smell of mold, most likely, is a defective product.
Brewing PU'er need 3-5 grams per 150 ml of water. It's about 2-3 square cm of extruded tiles. Before brewing PU'er need to crumble into smaller pieces. During the storage of tea it can get dust and microorganisms, so before you put the tea in the kettle, scald it with boiling water. Water to brew PU-erhand it is better to use not overboiled. Its temperature should be 90-95 degrees.
First time steep PU-erh for 30 seconds. The next two brews will reduce to 10 seconds. Beginning with the fourth welding, infuse the tea for 15-30 seconds. Tea PU-erh tea of high quality can be brewed 10-15 times. If you are a fan of strong teas, you can infuse the drink for 4-5 minutes. However in this case, the Puer stand no more than two infusions.
To appreciate its delicate taste and flavor of the drink, drink PU'er need small portions of the smaller bowls. The right to use ised, no sugar and muffins. If you are used to drinking tea with something sweet, it's acceptable to eat during tea time some dried fruit or dark chocolate.
To eat PU-erh preferably not on an empty stomach, and after about 40-50 minutes after meal. Especially useful to drink PU'er tea after eating heavy meals. One Cup of PU-erhand successfully replace the enzyme preparation, as it contains substances help to improve digestion and effectively break down fats. By the way, if you want to lower cholesterol, drink at least 400 ml of the drink daily. But at night to drink PU'er is not worth it. Although PU-erh tea does not cause sudden nervous excitement, the tide of cheerfulness and efficiency are unlikely to be appropriate before bedtime.