It should be noted that PU-erh over the years, almost does not deteriorate during long storage it picks up aromas and maturing, he's vaguely reminiscent of cognac. There are many types of PU-erh, which vary in the mode of production and form of pressing.

Medical research

There is a widespread view that the action of PU-erh on the body similar to the action of soft drugs. This is a difficult question because PU'er of different people act in different ways: someone really feels the euphoria and the effect of light intoxication, others do not feel anything. However, the positive effects of PU-erh on the body proven by numerous independent studies.

PU-erh tea has a significant impact on the cardiovascular system, it helps to clean the blood vessels, fights cholesterol plaques, blood clots, improves blood circulation. These positive properties are particularly important for urban residents, who often have problems with heart and blood vessels.

Another positive effect of Puer — cleansing of the body. Regular consumption of this drink removes toxins and waste products, normalizes metabolism, helps to digest heavy, fatty and junk food. Therefore, PU-erh tea is recommended to drink for people with excess weight, with the appearance of hangover or poisoning.

Wonderful PU-erh tea regulates the digestive tract, because it has absorbent and antispasmodic properties. PU-erh tea is alkaline beverage, so it does not cause stomach irritation and can be useful for ulcers of the duodenum and stomach. This tea helps to cope with inflammatory processes of the stomach, but you drink it warm, not hot.

How to brew and drink PU-erh tea?

PU-erh tea has a positive tonic effect on the body, it contains a huge number of enzymes and substances that reduce risk of cancer and serious viral infections. In addition, it improves the structure and color of the skin, has a noticeable rejuvenating effect. You need to consider that PU-erh tea should be consumed after meals because it has a negative impact on an empty stomach.

The healing properties of PU-erh stored with proper brewing. First, you need to fill a pill of PU-erh is freshly boiled water and a few seconds to drain, it is necessary to remove odors and impurities that enter the tea during transportation and storage. Then cleaned the tea should pour boiling water again and brew it at least a minute. The taste of PU-erh is fully opened, it is desirable to use a soft purified water.