The details of the choice

When buying Puer tea, you need to pay attention to several factors. It is advisable to buy PU-erh tea with additives. This tea has an extraordinary taste and smell, no wonder his name is noble earthy drink. Additives usually used for low-grade teas.

Note the appearance of the tiles, it should be well compacted, with no voids. Loose PU-erh tea can not be determined.

An important sign of quality is the flavor of the tea. It should contain a strongly pronounced notes of smoky dried fruits and black soil, but the presence of a musty odor is unacceptable.

Tea ceremony

Since PU-erh tea refers to high-grade teas, you must know the nuances of the tea ceremony. So, brew tea in an earthen clay pot wrong: the clay picks up and absorbs odors, depriving the drink of its inherent flavor. PU'er is one of the few teas that can be brewed several times, so you can use a regular household glass teapot through which one can see all the beauty of its rich color.
Real PU-erh tea is drunk without sugar and other confectionery products, for example only dark chocolate.

Before you begin brewing tea, keep important: the welding must be washed under hot running water to clean it of impurities and dust. You can then dry it in the pan, but the main thing is not to overcook, and only to dry, otherwise you'll spoil the taste of the tea.

To make tea, you cannot use tap water. No need to bring water to boiling, the recommended temperature is 80-95 o C.

Treat with due attention to the choice of dishes. The chosen kettle you must first warm up, you need to rinse with boiling water and all the utensils that will participate in the tea ceremony. This is necessary in order to maintain the temperature of the water.
Water for brewing puerh must be filtered.

Then cooked the washed leaves, place in kettle and cover with boiling water (80-90oC). After you made the tea for the first time, pour him water to drink it is impossible. At this point, the tea is finally washed from the dust particles and is beginning to reveal its rich taste. The first brew lasts about 30-40 seconds. Then steaming brew poured a new portion of boiling water, steep it for 1-2 minutes. Very comfortable to use hourglass as soon as the bulb cleared from the sand, proceed to leisurely splashing of tea and tasting it. Not in a hurry, forget about business, real tea is not vanity.