You will need
  • - Turk,
  • - ground coffee,
  • Spezia.
The easiest way to make coffee on the stove the next. In Turku with a volume of approximately 200 ml you need to take one or two (to taste) teaspoons of coffee with a slide. Coffee is better to use a fine grind, it is more suitable for cooking. Pour coffee in Turku with cold water and put on fire. It is best to use a small fire, but some impatient coffee drinkers and brewed on a large. Watch out for the coffee: to remove it immediately as soon as the drink begins to boil. You can not bring coffee to a boil, it taste very much spoiled. Remove coffee time, wait a few minutes until the coffee grounds sink. You can then pour it in a Cup, add sugar or milk to taste: coffee is ready!
There is another recipe, it is faster, but the taste is a little different. Take Turku, fill it with water and boil. Then remove the pot, pour in hot water one teaspoon of coffee with a slide, stir, below the surface has a nice foam. In General, mixing coffee when cooking always promotes the formation of foam. Then put Turku on the small fire, which are on the stove and gently bring to the boil. Remove the coffee pot from the stove, as soon as the foam begins to rise and wrap.
To prepare especially strong coffee, try the following method. Take Turku, rinse it and dry fire, metal warms up a bit. Now in Turku pour coffee and pour cold water. Place on low heat and wait for foam. You need to remove the pot even before the foam begins to rise. Turn off the heat and wait 5-7 minutes. Now again put the coffee on the stove and bring to a boil again on low heat. In this method, it is very important to remove coffee, but to mix coffee grounds should not be.
Aromatic coffee. If you love exotic recipes and spices, this coffee is exactly like you. Take Turku, pour into it half of one-third of a teaspoon of ginger and cover with water. Bring to a boil, remove from heat and somewhere to pour the water: it will soon come in handy. Turku rinse and dry it on the fire. Now sprinkle on the bottom of sugar to taste. If you usually drink coffee without sugar, then take one teaspoon without slides. Put Turku on a small fire, gradually caramelizes sugar drop a few pieces of cloves, three grains of black pepper (they need before it is to crack or cut with a knife), 2-3 cardamom thing (they should rasslyshit fingers). You can still put the coriander on the tip of a knife. It is important to throw spices quickly while some sugar remains white. Then put in Turku 2 teaspoons of coffee. Wait a few seconds: it's time to pour the ginger water! Brew this coffee on low heat, not stirring. Once it is ready, remove. Before use, let stand a few minutes.