You will need
  • - stone or a stalk Mandarin
  • - soil
Select the method of reproduction. If you want to put the Mandarin from the bone, it is necessary to prepare – soak the bone for days in water and then planted. The second way – breeding vaccinations. Cultivate cuttings for seedlings of any citrus. Grafted cuttings in place for a month under greenhouse conditions and cover package.
Prepare the nutrient solution. The soil for growing Mandarinand should be fertile – mix of flat and grassy land, add some humus and compost. Do not use store-bought formulations, as they often contain peat (a soil dries quickly, and sours).
Ensure drainage. Select a container for planting – pot or box. On the bottom of the container place a layer of granular materials or charcoal to ensure good drainage.
Fertilize the plant. Mandarin needs additional supplements, especially during periods of active growth (spring and summer). Every two weeks to make the soil fertilizers – mineral and organic.
Create favorable conditions for the growth and development of plants. Mandarin likes good lighting and moisture. Use artificial lighting as the plant needs an intense flow of light all year round. Humidity level can be maintained by means of special means – humidifiers or spray the leaves of Mandarinand boiled or purified water. If possible, keep the Mandarin in the open air in the warm season, but protect from direct sunlight and strong wind. Water the plant frequently, but only separated or purified water.
Fight with the disease. Put the Mandarin is not difficult, more difficult to protect it from pests. Acquire a biological agent against pests and rinse the crown of the tree in a bucket of solution. Repeat the procedure three times with a one week break.