To perform the transplant of Mandarin, you will need to prepare a special soil mixture. It is necessary to choose mixture for citrus or customize it. To do this, take half of the desired amount of grassy land, the other half in equal parts mixed leaf land, humus and sand.

The pot in which you will transplant the tangerine, it is necessary to pick up a few inches greater than the previous diameter. Little plant it is impossible in advance to replant in a large pot – this can lead to rotting of the root system. In addition, it is impractical and from an aesthetic point of view it looks not very good.

Mandarin growing in the home, prefer lighter substrates with a slight acidity, as well as those trees that grow in nature. On the bottom of the prepared for the transplant containers need to lay drainage to prevent root rot and stagnant water. Material for drainage can serve as small stones or clay pellets, foam pieces, pieces of pottery.

It is impossible to carry out change room Mandarin at the time when it blooms. This is best done in spring when the plant wakes up after hibernation.

A couple of days before repotting to stop the feed of the plant. Fertilizer should not be used in a couple of weeks after repotting to give the plant safely settle in a new place.

After the plant is transplanted, it needs a little watering, so the soil could settle and lie down. After half an hour the plant is inspected and, if necessary, add to the pot some more land.