You will need
  • - beads
  • - the outline
  • - threads
  • - needle for beads
Pick up the beads using the following calculation: 100 g of beads of about 3,000 beads; square pattern of 1 cm square will need 100 beads.The outline of pick up depending on the size of the beads, so that the rows are not crowded and was not rare.
Swipe calculate the size of the finished work, it is necessary to divide the number of squares in the diagram on the density of the weave. If the work is of medium size, add on each side of 2-2,5 see Neatly cut the fabric and wrap the edges with tape.
Mark on the canvas and apply a pattern using colored pencils or computer printing. Figure mark the squares with sides of 10 beads.
To embroider with beads on the canvas without losing work along series, embroidered series mark color copy of the diagram. Secure the working thread (the thread must be the same color as the canvas or matching to the beads) on the reverse side. For this end of the thread press your finger on the reverse side of the canvas. On top of it to make 2-3 stitches to fix the thread. In the process, the new thread need to be fixed by threading it under the stitches on the underside of the product.
Pull the thread on the front side of the canvas and sew on the diagonal (half-cross) bead. In this way complete the whole series. Working thread needs to change when its length reaches 8 cm.
Under the final bead of the row, secure the working thread from the inside, thus it is better to do without knots.
Return to getting started and sew the second and subsequent rows similar to the first row. To embroider with beads on the canvas better across the width of the picture.
Shape the completed product. This is best done with a flat iron with steam. To do this, lay the product face down, amperite and wait for it cool down.