You will need
  • A computer running the Windows operating system
To run system recovery, restart the computer, and at boot time the BIOS, press several times the F8 function key. Select, using the arrow keys in the list of options, the item "Safe mode". When operating in this mode loads only basic files and drivers (mouse, keyboard, monitor, disks, standard service).
Select restoring your operating system to download from the list and press Enter. Then log in system with administrator rights. A window will open asking you to select "safe mode" or use "system Restore". Choose recovery by pressing "No".
Will open the initial screen of the restore wizard system. Set the switch to "Restore an earlier state of the computer" and click "Next". You will see the window below is divided into two parts. In the left window is a calendar with bold days that have restore points. Set the date that you want to restore the system state. Then in the right window will display a list of all available recovery points for that date. Select a point and press "Next".
In the next window, again click "Next" to confirm the selection of the reference point. Then the computer will restart and run system restore. At the end of the restore process, a message is displayed about successful completion of operation or requested to choose to restore a different checkpoint in case of failure.
Booting into safe mode, system restore can be run from the command line. If you decided to restore the system in this way then at boot choose "Boot in safe mode with command prompt", and then by logging in to the system, enter the command %systemroot%system32 estore strui.exe and press Enter.