Make sure that the second core of your CPU disabled. To do this, open the task Manager with the help of simultaneous pressing of keys Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
Then click the Performance tab. Let's see how many Windows are divided from the part of the "CPU" (CPU usage). If you have two Windows CPU usage is at appropriate levels, there are both core. If the window is one, respectively, included only one core of the processor. In the second case, you must perform the following steps to enable second core.
Download optimizing Windows XP and install it on your computer. It will allow you to properly configure the CPU. Go after the program is installed under"manage hardware" on your computer and activate the second processor core.
Restart your PC or laptop, in this case restart is required, even if this will not require optimization program. After you change the settings don't forget to save the changes by clicking on the appropriate button - "OK".
Check the operation of the processor and its cores. To do this, turn on the computer. Run any program or game, the system requirements which include a dual-core processor.
Run the task Manager (Ctrl+ Alt+Delete or Ctrl+Shift+Esc), go to the Performance tab. View the workload of both elements of the processor. If you have two Windows, so all actions are done correctly and the second - system included. In this case, remember that the load on each of the cores may be different, as it is not always distributed equally.
To enable the second core processor and a slightly different way. Install the driver rollback for your motherboard. Reinstall the software, to do this it is best to use updated versions of the programs. Restart the computer, check the both cores in device Manager as described above.