If you want to have a relationship with a rich woman, you need to decide: are you going to look for a wife or a mistress. Rich mistress can be found in upscale bars, restaurants, fashionable parties. Here women under the influence of alcohol become relaxed and you have a chance to pick up a decent candidate. Of course, if you know the basic rules of etiquette and have a decent look. There are even cases where some such acquaintance with time over family ties. It's like someone lucky.
Specific searches for a rich wife need to apply a few other methods. Most of the rich single women to independently achieve success on a professional level. They work all day long, and therefore have a financial abundance. They are all very smart, determined, even tenacious, but personal life they can not build. To do this, they don't have the time and experience of informal communication with men. Because of the constant workload they are fine psychologists, but this drawback works for you.
Try to get to know such a woman. To do this, we first consider all worthy candidates in your home, surrounded by friends. Having defined the candidate, carefully consider the pretext of Dating. Everything should look natural. The timetable of her work, find out what she enjoys. If she goes to the gym, pool, visits the riding school — be sure to buy a ticket to the same place. Here you will have many opportunities to subtly offer her help. If she likes Prime go to the theater. Prepare thoroughly in advance. You should be a decent suit, good shoes and decent accessories. These ladies pay attention to it. Having met on the exhibition you their knowledge of the art. All, of course, must be prepared in advance.
And then, after meeting surround her with care and attention. Let it be pleasant things that will make it clear that you care about. Worry about her health if she has a cold, offer your assistance to bring it to work or nail a shelf. Organize a picnic and prove yourself a great chef. Perhaps the woman who has everything except a family, will not be able to resist such simple manifestations of attention and wants to feel your concern constantly.