You will need
  • - thread (preferably cotton);
  • hook;
  • - a pair of scissors.
Pick up the hook from the thread size. The tool diameter should be 1.5-2 times the thickness of the thread. Recently on the labels of imported yarn specified and the number of the hook and spokes.
Then enjoy a choice of the scheme of the future product. There are many varieties of knitted flowers. You can perform complex multi-color scheme or be restricted to plain colors.
On the selected schema start to knit a flower. The easiest flower to fit in the following way: run a normal chain with ten air hinges and lock her in a circle.
Provarite first row: one air loop lifting, then the columns without nakida in the quantity of fifteen pieces, bringing the ring out of the stitches in the middle. Further provarite three air loops and make the yo, then insert the hook between the first two columns of the previous row and pull the thread. As a result, the hook should be three loops. Grab the thread with hook and pull in the beginning through the first and second loops on the hook, then again to capture it and pull the thread through remaining on the hook two loops. Thus, you will column with nakida. Another column provarite, bringing the hook into the same loop.
Follow this scheme all the row a column with nakida, and then two columns with nakida, knit one loop, etc. Finish knitting the connecting loop.
In the next row, form the petals. To do this, tie the two hanging loops, then single column without nakida, then two columns with nakida in one loop two times, and one column without nakida. So will the petal. In a similar way, complete the rest of the petals. A number of finish of the connecting loop. Cut the thread.
How to knit different <em>flowers</em> <b>hook</b>