You will need
  • hook;
  • - threads of green.
To associate the classic worksheet, start with a simple chain of 10 loops. Then turn the knitting and go back to the beginning of the chain. Skip two loops and a third to knit the next row. If you hang the hook over the front or back half-loop, sheet get ribbed, and when promazyvanie both rolloffs sheet will be more smooth.
Knitting sheet
Dovlatov the second row to the end, will zakruglenie it around the end and continue on the other side. In the result you will get from one side of the leaf a sharp tip, and with another – a smooth curve, which in the future will increasingly call it a day.
Not dawasa to the end of a few loops, turn the knitting and knit the third row in a circle. Below the leaf is not coiled, add on a bend some loops, that is, from one half loop promazyvaya two. The number of added loops define the eye (2-3 loops).
Thus provarite three or four rows until the desired length of the sheet. At the end you can add a small handle, chain loops.
Try to associate a sheet in a different way. Dial a chain of 10 loops expand and davaite knit to end of row. Then enter the hook into the edge loop and vivaria from it two columns. Continue to knit the other side of the sheet - you'll get rounding.
When they reached the end of the row, again provarite from each of the edge loop two, and then continue knitting with the other hand. Thus, you will get an oval sheet. In order to give a ribbing to the edges of the sheet, tie the last row of the small "peak" of the three loops.
To obtain a compound leaf, such as a raspberry, associate the specified method 3-5 leaves from the cuttings and combine them into one big sheet.
Rowan leaf looks a little different to vyvazhivanija small leaves, tie a chain of 5-6 loops, and then tie it in a circle a row or two to make an oval. Gather with 9-11 leaves and combine with the cuttings (chains of loops).