After washing your hair, wrap them in a towel. After 5 minutes, remove, gently comb through hair and wrap in another dry towel, preferably a Terry too. It absorbs water and due to this the hair quickly becomes damp and not wet, which significantly accelerates their further drying.
After 5 minutes remove the towel from her head, take it between your palms and RUB individual strands of hair. Then fingers puff on them and leave for a few minutes to dry in a natural way. In addition, periodically shake hair with hands and fingers, divide them into strands. Create a constant air flow. It is necessary for quick drying of hair.
If the dryer is not or it for any reasons cannot be used for drying hair, but there are straighteners – use it. Just do not use it on wet hair. It will be a long time is also harmful for the hair.
If the apartment is cold, the natural drying of the hair will be a little longer. But if you need to quickly dry them at all costs, before washing the head turn on the oven, and then dry your hair in the kitchen. And to this time has not passed for nothing, spend it to good use for yourself - refresh, or, conversely, remove makeup, adjust or a manicure, read something important, etc.
In the summer, to quickly dry the hair in a natural way helps sun and dry air in the house. However, warm weather can be deceptive. Therefore, in strong wind avoid drafts after shampoo and dont dry your hair near the window.
If the hair is unruly, curl or after drying, reminiscent of dry straw, dry them in curlers-hedgehogs (Velcro). For easy waves and just smooth strands fits great with a diameter of approximately 8-10 cm, and for curls – 2-3 cm Screw them hair in 5-7 minutes after you remove the towel. Before you wrap carefully comb each section of hair, then the hair will dry quickly and be smooth and shiny.