Advice 1: How to learn to Express their opinions

Modesty and tact, of course, positive traits. However, you must remember that in order to succeed in life and business, you need to have your opinion on various issues and also to be able to Express and defend their point of view.
How to learn to Express their opinions
Look closely at the people who freely Express their thoughts. Notice how they argue their position, what methods of persuasion they use and how they react to the audience.
Practise independently. During the conversation, find the controversies and try to mentally associate them with their point of view. For example, the view TV talk show on the topic that interests you. When the opposite side will defend their position, become the opponent of one of the parties. Try to mentally form their own opinion on the illuminated question, arguments.
Believe in yourself. Your ideas are also important in the conversation as the statements of the interlocutor. Do not be afraid that you do not agree or that you do not understand. No doubt he is right.
Try during the discussion to find like-minded people who hold your point of view on the issue in question. Support will give you confidence.
Keep an internal dialogue with yourself. Ask yourself the question — why are you in this or that situation didn't state the position that you prevented. Finding the reason for his silence, try to overcome it. For example, you prevent the lack of confidence during a conversation with a supervisor at work. You need to understand that your opinionm usually interested in those matters which you are knowledgeable. I appeal to you, because you are a professional in the matter under discussion.
Pay no attention to the surroundings, distracting and embarrassing factors that often impede the right to formulate their thoughts, to find the right words. Constantly enrich your vocabulary, read more. After reading an interesting books, articles or watching a TV show discuss them with your friends, family members. Start a personal diary.
Try to Express your opinion as often as possible in different conditions — with family, with friends, in public places. Over time, the tightness and stiffness will disappear, and Express their opinion will be easier.

Advice 2 : How to learn to defend their opinion

Your own opinion is what separates people from each other. Sometimes people make imposed a way of life, then your individual view of things remains inside, crushed and unspoken. To learn how to defend their own opinions is very important if you want to get the maximum satisfaction, to name a few.
How to learn to defend their opinion
Do not infringe their interests. My own opinion reflects your position about any given statement or situation. It is formed on the basis of analysis and deep reflection. Draw conclusions in favor of their assessments and interests. They may overlap with the majority opinion, but the latter must not come into harm. Otherwise, it will be your opinion, therefore you simply will have nothing to defend.
Filter incoming information. Do not take based on the evaluation of the statements of other people. Do not be distracted by useless topics and conversations. Appreciate your time. Because its a waste deprives you of many opportunities. That you defend their right to their own opinion.
Build confidence in their views. Study the topics that interest you to strengthen your own opinion. If you directly or indirectly for any information, do not take on faith the public the facts, check them, look for more reliable sources. Take from them only what you need.
Be true to your beliefs. Society dictates its own rhythm and priorities. Your neighbor or colleague has a new job, a new car. Don't try to keep up with him. If your old car has the necessary features for you, why change it? If a new job will require you a huge amount of time, will be deprived of communication with close people and will lead to constant stress, why do you need this work? To defend their position, always remember that, not yielding to his priorities, you risk losing more than the purchase.
Act in their own interests. Don't be afraid to break stereotypes. Stereotypical thinking is not your thinking. First, the crowd will resist and hinder you. But then, because of the lack of patience and dedication, she'll back off. And you'll go about your business, you will not have to defend your point of view.
Useful advice
The reasoning for each statement. Your every thought must have a basis.

Advice 3 : How to learn to accept other people's views and opinions

Each himself in mind. Perhaps people initially designed to have their own views on life and opinion on the world. People with a similar Outlook become friends with a variety of opponents. And this is natural, otherwise life would become utopian boredom.
How to learn to accept other people's views and opinions

However, people often refuse to accept the possibility of other points of view, accepting them is a priori false. They're stubborn and trying to prove that only their opinion is true and has the right to exist, which causes resentment among the interlocutors and others.

It makes no sense to say that this situation has not touched anyone. Egocentric manifestations inherent in each, especially to perfectionists.

However, it is not necessary to vilify the man only for his craving for Smoking, because Smoking brings him comfort and satisfaction. You can use pictures of burnt lungs, in order to intimidate the smoker, but do not seriously suppose that he will take it and fix. The only conclusion for him would be that a promoter should spend much less time, otherwise it will be repeated from time to time.

When people Express their opinions, we should not expect that the other person would be willing to accept it and begin to follow their advice. This is at least silly. If for some reason such a situation has occurred, it is possible to draw only one conclusion: the opponent is still not up to the individual.

Interesting is the fact that it is often a relatively extreme situation the views is able to teach us and, more importantly, to save lives. An example of this is surrogacy.

Hypothetically we can assume that the vast majority will see the world's evil. However, many childless mothers who, for whatever reason, lost the ability to bear children, will see in this opportunity the last chance for a happy life and family happiness.

From the foregoing it follows the thesis: you should not attempt to change the opinion of another person in accordance with its. Should be tolerant towards others. Perhaps then the world would be a grain to a greater good.

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