In any case, do not burrow in a blanket and not going up in the hope that the pain will disappear. Want to scream, yell, want to beat the dishes – beat. Don't hold anything back. If you don't give pain to come, she would later manifest itself as any illness. The main thing - do not splash out their emotions in front of the kids, they tantrums will not benefit.
Stay from a distance. After the screams pretend all this did not happen with you. Communicate with the person who betrayed you only in case of urgent need. Pay better more time with their friends and family. Do something fun, treat yourself.
Look at the truth. At the moment you think too much about yourself. You feeling sorry for yourself, and at the same time hated for what could happen, so you did. Try to forgive yourself. Guilt – the most destructive of all feelings. Well, wrong and wrong, every man has it right. We have to live on.
Examine your life, if necessary, consult a psychologist, think about what point you "lost ground". Brace yourself: go to the hairdresser and the beautician, update the wardrobe. Stop thinking that you are brilliant and you just don't appreciate. Try to understand the man who betrayed you.
When you're ready to hear not only your hurt and pain, start to communicate. Try not only to speak but also to listen to the offender. It is very hard and if you believe that you will not be able to handle it, consult a psychologist.
Start a new life. Believe in yourself. Do not lose trust, because if you shut of all, you will be very unhappy. Without support pillars is very difficult. Just remember that in any situation, you can find the exit.