If avtoshkoly instructor you like, you can negotiate with them on additional private lessons. Among the advantages of this training is psychological comfort, after all, this person you already know. Among the disadvantages – learning machine, which mercilessly exploited by pupils of the school and learning time, which is prescribed by the instructor. And this is only the weekday evening and Sunday.
If this option you not suitable, look for a private instructor. Their summary can be found on special websites this kind of services. The summary must specify the age of the teacher, his experience, General driving experience, areas of work. Some instructors have multiple training vehicles with automatic transmission and mechanics. At the same time to learn the car with a gun more expensive.
Pay attention to the choice of learning machine. The first years of driving you will be more difficult, transplanting from one machine to another, instantly adapt to its features. So driving it is better to start on a machine on which you plan to drive afterwards. No point to study the crossover, and then transfer to a runabout, and Vice versa. Now a huge selection of training machines of all makes and models. Even if you do not find your desired option, you can learn the car a certain brand, you plan to purchase. Some design features are the same for all models.
From a private instructor car must be equipped with additional pedals. This car is a special registration in the traffic police. And also you may be asked to show the teacher ID autoinstructorissued by the Association of driving schools or ROSTO. All private avtoinstruktor are self-employed and must have appropriate permits.
Take a trial lesson with the selected instructor. The first lesson you will learn, the teacher will see what you know and what direction you need to work. The instructor should appeal to you, in his presence, you should not hesitate and fear. Believe me, he has seen many things and surprise him with your skills difficult.
But if the instructor you uncomfortable, you are psychologically and physically clamped, the good of such lessons will not. It happens that a man angry that his way of talking, his jokes or something. Your task is to learn, not to pay for their emotional turmoil. To refuse the services of an instructor you are entitled to any day, especially after the first session.