Themed gifts for a driving instructor

If you decided to thank the instructor, who taught you driving and give him a memorable gift you can give preference to some subjects related to the automotive industry.

Surely your driving instructor has a personal car, so you can buy a new car video recorder. Keep in mind that the cost of the gift would amount to several thousand rubles. You can also buy for that person GPRS Navigator, car TV, new reciever or a USB adapter for a flash drive.

Another option is a themed gift for the instructor are in the car mats, seat covers or steering wheel, massager on driver's seat, flavoring, stick with the emblem for the keys or the pendant, clip-on windshield. In addition, you may opt for automobile cushions, which are placed near the rear window. Pillow features a fun inscription, such as "Park where I want", "easy does it", "don't hang on my tail" etc.

Buying a gift for a driving instructor, you can order at a shop t-shirt, mug, hat or other accessory with the inscription "the Best driving instructor from grateful students". An alternative may be similar items with other inscriptions or with a motoring theme.

Also as a gift for the instructor to use cake, custom made. On it are written the wishes and depicted as a training car. However, this memorable gift will not, so it is best used as a Supplement to the main show.

Standard gifts for a driving instructor

If you decided to give my driving instructor a standard with a gift, you can thank him with a bottle of expensive alcohol and a box of chocolates or a dark chocolate bar.

We can not exclude the option of giving the instructor a bouquet of flowers. Such a gift is suitable not only women but also men. Here only the flowers included in the bouquet should be different. It can be delphiniums, Calla lilies or irises. If you know that the instructor is good at room colors, you can give him a palm tree Yucca or Mexican cactus. This gift will be unique and memorable. A bottle of champagne in addition also please your instructor.