You will need
  • file with the source image;
  • - Internet;
  • - a special program;
  • - color printer.
The easiest way to transfer the picture to the scheme for embroidery is to use an online service (for example, It is especially suitable for beginners, because it is able to handle only simple plot.
Find a suitable image no larger than 500 KB. It can be a cartoon character, kitty, flower, etc., Indicate the number of stitches for the most part. A smaller computer will calculate independently. Click "Next".
You will offer several design options. Specify the manufacturer of floss, select the figure most suitable for you. Use the "Translate" button to retrieve the schema.
The second method of creating a schema using the program Adobe Photoshop. The quality was good, select the image size from 640x480 pixels. Upload the picture into the editor.
Select Filter > Pixelate > Mosaic. The size of the cells make 5. Confirm. Play with the brightness level, using the Contrast (Image > Adjust). To determine the number of colors used, select Posterize and set the value in the range from 5 to 20. The higher the level you put, the more threads have to be used.
Click New (a New image). Set the following parameters: background – transparent, size 5x5 pixels. Make it zoom to 1600%. Use black as foreground color. With a pencil (size – 1 px) draw a line. Set the keyboard to English, use the command Ctrl+A to select pictures. Then click Edit > DefinePattern.
Go back to the modified image for the diagram. Use the command Edit > Fill. From the list click on “use Pattern”. Set the image transparency to around 50%. You must save the schema under a new name. Print on a color printer.
Use special software to create high-quality, professional layouts. For Example, Stitch Art Easy. This scheme for embroidery from images of any complexity. In it you can choose the desired number of colors, the size of the future scheme and even the icons displayed on it.