If you have recently notice swelling on the legs to the end of the day or after long walks, do not hurry to run to the pharmacy, and first try folk remedies. There are many foods that have a diuretic effect. Include in your daily diet one or two products with diuretic action. Such products include viburnum, cranberries, watermelon, pumpkin, beets, celery, chokeberry. Choose fresh ripe berries or vegetables that match the season. Try in the evening to do a foot massage with a warming creams, then the peripheral vessels will dilate and the swelling will decrease. It is recommended to sleep with raised legs. To do this, place a folded blanket or pillow under the foot.
In the case where the above procedure does not work, you can start your treatment with a slight diuretic effect on the basis of herbs, for example, birch buds, leaves of bearberry and leaves of orthosiphon.
Swollen feet are often in cardiovascular diseases. If you have high blood pressure, keep in mind that there is a group of anti-hypertensive pharmacological drugs that combine a diuretic effect, that is, these drugs remove excess fluid from the body and lower blood pressure. Such tablets include: "Indapamide", "Clopamide". These drugs can drink every day, long course and strictly under a doctor's supervision.
Swelling of the feet often caused by a blood disorder. If you are at increased rate of prothrombin index (PTI), that is, the increased speed of blood clotting and has varicose veins in her legs to relieve swelling need diuretics long-acting, for example, "Spironolactone", "Chlorthalidone" or "Eplerenone". Do not forget that in case of such pathology, vessels, some diuretics, you will get rid of the swelling only for a while. Treatment should be comprehensive and include other drugs that will strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reduce clotting in the blood.
In pathology of the kidney swelling often begin to manifest with peripheral parts, because on foot there is a big load, they are affected first. Diuretics, with kidney patients, you need to take extreme caution. If you have kidney stones, diuretics can cause obstruction of the urinary duct calculus. That is, in the amplification operation, the kidney will push the stone, and the consequences can be negative for the entire body.
To relieve swelling in the legs with impaired renal function only a doctor can assign, after the diagnosis, the right treatment with the use of diuretics. Often the treatment is based on drugs of strong action: "Furosemide", "Mannitol", "Spironolactone".