You will need
  • - combs (massage and scallops);
  • - styling products (foam, mousse, wax, Lac);
  • - Hairdryer (if necessary);
  • - curlers.
Wrap - one of the most affordable and safest options for styling long hair. Decide what you want to try a natural curls or big waves, small curls, or maybe a fluffy cloud of hair? All this and much more you can do at home yourself.
If the target is small curls throughout the hair length, you will need a classic curler the smallest diameter (curlers) or vertical. Wrap them in wet hair, only lightly towel dry the ends. To enhance the effect (especially if your hair is very long), use foam with a medium or strong effect. If time allows, allow hair to dry naturally.
The larger the rollers, the larger and softer will the wave. The elasticity and firmness of the curl depends on the length, thickness and type of your hair. Once you have removed the curlers, you can do different. If you carefully comb massage brush, you get just beautifully flowing hair. Lush and supple, but without clear curls. The perfect way to add volume to hair. But if you want curls, try the next option.
Before the winding means use-pre-commit. After the head has dried, remove the rollers, not combing their hair, shake them. For someone it will be the most beautiful hairstyle. Then, if desired gently brush your hair the biggest and rare scallop to maintain curl structure. Or just whisk your hair. Immediately after this process the curls varnish strong or medium hold.
In addition to the regular curler (in the form of a cylinder), in recent times increasingly popular are conical. With their help, you can do a very natural hairstyle. Any curler, you can wind not to the roots. You can combine curlers of various sizes, or straight hair curled. You need not wait for complete drying and to remove with even slightly damp hair and dry them Hairdryer. A lot of options for every taste and hair type, experiment every day.
Don't forget about retro ways, allowing the hair to do without a dryer, and for you to sleep. For example, "wet braids at night," is undeservedly forgotten today, and also wrap in rags, etc. the smaller the braids or strands, the bigger will be the result. You can get in the end a huge cloud of hair, from which you can model anything. Very impressive, for example, look lush flowing hair, twisted ribbons.
Even if the result is unexpected - in any case, do not worry! There are lots of little tricks. Faded curl can spice things up, causing the tip of a drop of mousse (foam) strong hold. Too steep curls, you can easily smooth out if you go through him soaked comb. And the extreme on this basis try to make something completely new. For example, if you are not satisfied with the kind of flowing hair - get strands of the top, leaving the most successful curls.
The beauty of the hair depends on their health. If you have recently made a Perm or colouring the hair faster wound and will take longer to hold a style. But they need more protection, use a gentle styling and modeling. Curlers must not be metal. Choose cosmetics for hair with vitamins and nutrients, especially in winter and early spring.