You will need
  • Wool thread, 5 needles, nylon thread to add to the heel.
Crochet prepare five spokes. Depending on the density of knitting on average you will need 100-150 gr. wool. If the socks will be with ornament, that the threads need a little more.
In a circle from right to left provarite on the outside of 4-5 cm elastic 1х1х. Tying elastic band (cuff), hosiery knitting provarite another 5 cm (ankle). Then vymazyvaja heel.
Divide the knitting in two equal parts and knit loop with only two spokes: 3rd and 4th (hinges, which are on 1st and 2nd needles in knitting the heel do not participate).
For the convenience of first provarite loop with two spokes on one (3rd and 4th). Then link straight cloth — height heel. The height of the blade will determine the following: the number of extreme loops with one of the edges is equal to the number of stitches on one needle.
The shape of the heels match by subtraction loops. Separate the loop, including extreme, into three equal parts (if the resulting number is not divisible by three without a remainder, then the remainder added to the middle part).
Begin knitting the first row wrong side of the road. Connect the loop of the first side part, then all the loops of the middle part. The last loop of the purl bind together with the adjacent hinge of the second lateral part. The remaining loop Express nepovezane.
Now knit the second row facial loops (the front side of the canvas). Remove the last loop and tighten. Connect all the loops of the middle part, except the last one. Her bind with the adjacent loop of the first sidewall.
Repeat 1st and 2nd rows below all the loops of the side pieces were knit with extreme loops. The work done by promazyvanie the front row. On the spoke will only loop the middle part. If done correctly, easily and quickly vivacite the heel of the sock. In the formation of heel and add to the woolen thread of nylon or other durable thread. When the heel tie, tear off the needle and continue knitting wool only.