Link the wall of the heel of the sock of the future. To do this, take the first and fourth spokes (if you want all the loops they can move one needle is convenient). Knit facial loops the number of direct and reverse rows, equal to the desired height of the heel.
Calculate the number of rows in this way: you should have the same number of edge loops, how many of them were on one needle. For example, the loops on one needle loops 10 and edge 10. It's 20 rows that form the wall of the heel of your knitted sock. Last working set should be the front.
Start knitting the heel Cup. For this share associated canvas into three equal shares and place them respectively on different spokes. If there is an odd loop, attach it to the middle. For example: 6 loops (left side of heel), 8 (bottom) and 6 (right side).
Knit 1 row (wrong side of heel) reverse loops. First 6 loops on the left side, then the middle loop. The last loop mid provarite purl it together with the loop of the right side. Leave the other side of the loop nepovezane and turn the knitting. Before you - the obverse side of the heel (2 row).
Remove the edge loop on the working needle and pull it tight. Tie the front loops of the middle part, leaving the last loop nepovezane. Provarite her facial for the back wall, together with the first side loop. Again, turn the knitting.
Continue to knit the heel in the same way, gradually promazyvaya loop side of the sock heel. As a result there are only nepovezane mid heels. Last operational range – front. The heel of the sock is future ready!