You will need
  • - ABC analysis;
  • table;
  • - utensils.
Guide ABC-analysis of assortment by analyzing sales for a few months. Consider the seasonality factor, as well as carrying out promotional activities on certain categories. In group a will comprise 20% of the goods that bring you 80% of income. Turnover should increase for this category since the products of groups b and C required for the total range.
Use the principles of merchandising. First of all, review the display on the shelves. At eye level of the buyer and direct connection should be the goods of group A. Most of them running in the middle of the shelf, the so-called "gold". At the top place of expensive products, which will play the role of the image in the window. On the lower shelves supply the goods in large packages and with very low mark-up: such, for which the buyer is not too lazy to bend down (for example, flour, bottles of water, potatoes).
Trace the trajectory of buyers in the trading hall. Try to place the most popular items in different places of the store. In this case, the client will have to go all over the place: in the course of movement it will certainly take and other products that had not planned to buy originally.
Periodically arrange promotions to stimulate sales, attracting buyer very low price on any one product. The cost should be significantly less than similar products from your competitors. Coming to your store for this product, the customer will probably choose something else.
Use the "atmospheric" calculations using related products. This method is especially effective around the holidays or when the seasons change. For example, "cover the table", putting on his glasses, beautiful dishes, as well as expanding similar in purpose goods: wine, luxury cheeses, chocolates, exotic fruits.