To the element metal include people born in a year ending in 0 or 1. These people can be described by such characteristics as a powerful, erotic, lucky. "Metal" people are largely eccentric. They are independent, purposeful, resolute. Legible in meeting new people. Those born under the element of metal can seem at first glance a cynical and cunning, but in his heart is lonely, melancholic and dedicated people. The mascot will serve as a metal or a bell coin.
"Fire" people – those who were born in years ending in 6 or 7. The qualities of such people include impulsiveness, passion, willingness to take risk. They are infantile, their inherent egocentrism, realinosti cheerfulness. These qualities of the fire element can easily win the conversation. And originality, deslanoside and self-discipline helps people fire to achieve career heights. A talisman of the element of fire is the Phoenix.
People born under the element of water (years ending in 2 or 3), communicative, and romantic. Often catch myself admiring glances of fans, because it does not take grace and charm. "Water" people are sensitive and witty, have a great imagination and are popular. Thus quite windy. A talisman for such people will be the turtle pendant or just an image of this animal.
To earth include years 7 and 8 at the end. These people are characterized by such traits as tenderness, sensuality, patience. They are emotional and very careful in his affections. Love to spend time alone with nature. Caring, charming and sexy. The people of the earth is inherent in a lot of artistry. The mascot will be the stones – crystal or quartz.
People born under the element of wood (year 4 or 5 at the end), seem to be aloof and unflappable. They are afraid of intimacy, the freedom, but helpful. "Wooden" people are eccentric and sometimes amaze the interlocutors breadth of his thinking. They should keep the house plants, jewelry prefer wooden bracelets or necklaces – they are their talisman.