Dark circles, a "bruise" under the eyes, a healthy way of life is often due to heredity, a feature of the structure. They can also appear as a result of chronic lack of sleep, fatigue. Therefore, in addition to regular skin care age make it a rule to observe a mode, daily sleep. Washing your face in the morning, use warm not very strong infusion of tea, a decoction of chamomile or plain boiled water. After be sure to moisten the skin cream for age. Don't go to sleep, leaving the face of cosmetics. Gently remove it with a cotton swab with the help of special tools for removing eye make-up. It is helpful to wipe the area around the eyes frozen cubes of green tea or infusion of parsley. Hide dark circles using makeup: special tonal reflective particles.
The reasons for the appearance of "bags" under the eyes can be hereditary disposition, and a number of diseases: diseases of the heart and kidneys, some respiratory catarrh, conjunctivitis, allergies. Reduced tissue elasticity, a growth of tissue also occurs with age. Quite often the "bags" under the eyes appear due to the detention of salt and fluid in the body. To exclude any diseases to be surveyed at the therapist, then visit the doctor-cosmetologist. He will recommend the necessary treatment, which may be conservative or surgical.
If the "bags" under the eyes you got from the hard and long work, try a poultice of sage. One teaspoon of leaves pour half Cup of boiling water, leave for 20-30 minutes. Broth strain, and then divide into two parts – one cool, the other slightly warm. Alternately soak a tampon and apply to the eyes. To make compresses before bedtime for a month.
Can also do the washing the eye, using a variety of herbal teas. For example, pour 1 tablespoon of the parsley or dill 200 g of hot boiled water, strain the infusion after it has cooled. It not only eliminates puffiness and "bags", but also relieves irritation, brightens the eyes.