Advice 1: The principles and methods of removing under eye circles

Dark circles under eyes are not always a symptom of various diseases. Most often, they become visible when the banal fatigue of the body.
The principles and methods of removing under eye circles

Irregular meals and poor sleep contribute to a more vibrant expression of dark circles under the eyes. Correcting these violations in a mode of daily routine can visibly reduce their size.

The formation of dark circles is due to the presence of the layer of fatty tissue under the skin. Layer thickness is different, for example, under the skin of the upper eyelid it does not, and in the lower eyelid there, though subtle. This layer is visible if human skin is delicate and thin.

The right makeup will help to hide the deficiency. First you should wash your face and gently RUB the moisturizing lotion. Then on the lower eyelid skin is to apply the first layer of Foundation. After 5 minutes is applied a second layer, similar to the natural complexion.

Bags under the eyes – the problem is more serious and is often associated with diseases. Among them kidney disease, heart, metabolic disorders, nervous system or just an allergic reaction. Sometimes bags under your eyes, there are some people with the onset of old age.

To cope with this deficiency, please contact a qualified cosmetologist. After a course of professional massage, the skin will gain its lost elasticity and firmness, making the bags under the eyes much less noticeable. Should not do the massage yourself, this can aggravate the situation.

Advice 2: How to hide dark circles under eyes

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate and sensitive place on your face. She responds to illness and fatigue, and improper use of cosmetics. Often for these reasons, under the eyes and appear "bruised" to deal with which is very long. Of course, for this struggle was successful, you first need to figure out what triggered their appearance. Disease should be treated, and the cosmetic defect can be eliminated by various means.
How to hide dark circles under eyes
Found herself under the eyes of nasty bruises, for a start you can use the "ambulance" located in your kitchen. A very effective way to make them less visible – the mask of potatoes. For its preparation peel the potato, grate it on grater, put a tablespoon of the resulting mass in cheesecloth and apply it to your bruise for about twenty minutes. After the procedure the skin under the eyes apply the cream (better if it will contain vitamins A and E).
Another good way – a compress of mashed cottage cheese, which you can put under the eyes for 15 minutes. But if you have a little more time, try to make the hazelnut cream: take two walnuts and mash them with 25g of butter. Add to this mixture a teaspoon of lemon or pomegranate juice.
To hide dark circles you will help cosmetics. Now a lot of them in the sale – a creams, gels, mousses and various tonics. They contain substances that improve blood circulation. Pay special attention to those that include vitamins K and A.
Try to apply concealer cream. It should be selected so that it was slightly lighter than your skin and Foundation. Apply it with a small brush on the problem area and then gently blend in with a little finger border. To pin a layer of cream, powder skin. Just remember: if you have more bags under the eyes, use light cream is not necessary, as it will further distinguish them.
Professionally to hide dark circles will help you a special concealer – corrector or the concealer. It needs to be a tone lighter than the skin and have a yellowish or brownish tint. First, apply cream under the eyes (if a part of the main moisturizing ingredients and vitamin K, cream is not needed). Then use Foundation and then concealer and lightly powder. Keep in mind that each new layer should be applied after drying the previous one.
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