You will need
    • 1 liter of milk
    • 0,3-0,5 water
    • 0,5-1 tbsp. semolina
    • butter - 2-3 tbsp
    • salt
    • sugar - to taste
    • vanilla
    • fruit
    • nuts
    • jam - on request
Connect the milk with water and put on medium heat. You can just add salt to escape. Bring to a boil and immediately reduce the temperature.
Stir milk in one direction, slowly sprinkle the semolina in a thin stream. The number of grains depends on what you like porridge, liquid or dry. Keep in mind that every minute the porridge will become thick. Better late to add a spoonful or two of grits than to something resembling a casserole.
Without increasing the heat, bring the porridge until thick. Do not cease to interfere, to avoid lumps. Optional - add pre-soaked raisins or dried apricots.
After 7-10 minutes, add salt, sugar and vanilla. Remove the porridge from the stove, milk semolina is ready! Butter and sugar can add to a saucepan or directly in a bowl.
If you want to make sweet semolina with fruit and/or nuts, there are several options. You can pre-soaked and chopped dried fruit to add to the milk together with barley or later along with oil. Nuts rinse with boiling water and chop, add towards the end of cooking. Fresh fruits and berries are put in the ready and slightly cooled porridge separately in each plate.
If you add in a bowl of fresh berries, garnish the finished dish on wish with a leaf of fresh mint or lemon balm.
Some especially like cold semolina. In a bowl with the porridge you can add cookies (whole or slices), nuts, ice cream, chocolate (slice or chips). Tastee wheat is combined with very different products, experiment!
If you prepare porridge for a child, put a little cold in the flat plate. Jam draw a smile, and of dried fruits and nuts put the eyes, nose, hair. Even more options if you have at hand fresh fruit.