Advice 1: How to get a loan without income certificate

Loans come into our lives stronger. To take a loan becomes easier and easier with each passing day. Banks are once again offer a variety of lending options, focusing on the most requested needs of our customers. And since some categories of citizens it is difficult to provide a certificate that reflects their real income, an increasing number of banks goes forward and does not require this document. But there's a few nuances.
How to get a loan without income certificate
A loan sometimes becomes troublesome because banks require a package of documents for his extradition. And therefore potential customers value the speed and ease of the loan along with other conditions offered by the Bank. The requirement to provide proof of income besides often uncomfortable fact that our reality is not all citizens can confirm the actual level of income.
Some banks offer loans without certificates of income, but in return ask for collateral. For example, a car. If the customer is credit without inquiries on incomes and without collateral, the Bank risks increase. And depending on the risk the Bank varies the interest by which loans.
That is because the customer does not provide official confirmation of their income, is granted a loan with relatively high interest rates. On average, banks increase the interest rate somewhere in the 5 %. By the way, according to the statistics of such consumer loans without proof of income, is actually are among those with the return which is sometimes a problem.
How to get a loan without a <b>help</b> about <em>income</em>
Most often, the inquiry on incomes is not required during the execution of the so-called "Express loans". Such loans are for relatively small sums for the purchase of certain commodities. For example, the purchase of household appliances. Issued consumer loans in stores that sell home appliances. Sometimes banks are asked to provide for the issuance of loan only passport with permanent registration at the place of actual residence, and confirm that the borrower is working in the workbook or an employment contract for at least three months.
Sometimes banks do not require a certificate of income, but its absence can affect the decision of Bank about issuance of credit. That is, clients that provide help, the higher the probability of receiving a loan than those who this help is not provided. But it is also very important the customer's credit history. If it is without flaws, i.e., the customer repays previous loans on time without delays in payments, the Bank is likely to give a loan. If the previous loan was taken in the same Bank, it is highly probable that this time will go toward the Bank to the client.

Advice 2 : How to get a loan without income certificate

Realizing the popularity of consumer loans of the population, banks are actively reviewing their policies. So, there is a tendency now for a loan is not always necessary to confirm your income. Definitely count on good conditions such an applicant should not, but in an emergency, when you need money, banks can issue credit without the reference 2-pit.
To get a loan without income certificate

Loan for unemployed

Recently is a large number of banks started to talk about loans without certificates of income. This service is called "credit for the unemployed". This does not mean that the banks have suddenly ceased to worry about the trustworthiness of their borrowers. Rather, attention to the unemployed segment of consumers shows the interest of banks to provide short-term loans with higher interest rates.

Most often, the loan without income certificate is ready to offer microfinance institutions and small banks. Stand out from state-owned banks, which are still strictly related to the selection of borrowers. So, Sberbank, VTB 24 and Gazprombank do not issue loans without proof of income even for regular customers.

Therefore, the appearance need to get a loan without income certificate, preferably bypassing the major banks and apply to banks of the second echelon. In a pinch, you can use the offers of microfinance institutions.

Additional documents

Instead of income, the Bank asks you to provide a passport and the second document: passport, military ID or driver's license.

To increase the chances of loan without references can confirm additional income – investment, pension calculation, subsidies, etc.

Most likely, when the loan for unemployed the Bank will ask for collateral in the form of movable or immovable property whose value exceeds the borrowed funds.

What to expect?

Risks in connection with the insolvency, the Bank compensates for a high level of annual interest. Most often starts from 20% to 50 % per annum.

Without proof of income banks are reluctant to issue the sum exceeding 200 000 rubles. The loan term may be up to 4 years.

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