Being in Omsk, unwittingly fall under its charm. Historical monuments, architectural structures famous artists, and just an old merchant's house fascinates with its beauty and originality. It's safe to say that the city has its own unique architectural appearance. The Museum complex of Military glory in the city impresses with its scale and broadly reflects the course of military events. Visiting it, you involuntarily feel the pride of the country, victory in the war 1941-1945.To enjoy a day under the open sky, happy to go in urban parks. Central Park - a unique complex of concert venues, attractions, restaurants and places to picnic. Here you can frolic and relax in comfort. The Soviet fleet was chosen by residents with children. There are a lot of playgrounds - the kids and the older kids will have something to do. On the sports competitions there are hundreds of families from all over the city.Theatres of Omsk in a hurry culture enthusiasts. Theaters are a great many, but the most popular Drama. The performances put on the stage are popular not only among citizens but also among city guests.In the evening you can stroll through the cozy and beautiful embankment of the Irtysh river. Perfectly illuminated, it is a great place to promenade. Along the waterfront are the main entertainment venues open in the evening and at night. Club "Sphere" attracts visitors with excellent delicacies cooked on the grill, Shisha and live music. The restaurant "Zhiguli" offers great beer and fish menu. On the waterfront there is a restaurant with the interesting name "the pub" with Billiards and a large Banquet hall. Afternoon and evening from the Marina sail boats, offering to walk along the Irtysh river. The walk is both entertaining and informative. Music, light refreshments and a tour and help you to relax and get to know the city.